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Instructional Mathematics Videos


Over the past year we have been designing a number of instructional videos in mathematics that focus on providing a conceptual understanding of key concepts. Video production has been an experimental adventure which has resulted in a collection of videos with different animation features and design techniques. These videos will be refined in 2018 and new ones will be added. The math in the videos is pedagogically accurate and videos are 8 to 12 minutes and shorter videos will be posted in 2018. 

PD Workshops


Dr. Miller offers professional development workshops for teachers or parents. Workshops focus on a variety of concepts such as tips on using instructional videos, providing a foundation for understanding fractions, rich learning tasks, thinking mathematically, and assessment in mathematics. 

Keynote Speaker


If you are looking for a keynotes speaker for an upcoming event, consider a presentation that focuses on the impact of mathematics and society. Dr. Miller's keynote addresses are customized to align with the learning needs in your organization. Keynote presentations in the past included the State of Mathematics Address (2013), Canada's Large-scale Assessment Program: What's worth? (2014), and Using Math Apps to Teach Kindergarten Mathematics (2015).

A solid foundation in mathematics opens the door to careers in the future!

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