Dr. Tess Miller

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It all started when...

I graduated from York University in Ontario with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 1986. From there I went to the University of Toronto to obtain my Bachelor of Education. Upon completing my degree in 1987, I worked for the Durham District School Board teaching mathematics and computer science. I later embarked on a two year leave of absence and taught mathematics and computing in Hong Kong.  

After teaching for 15 years, I was looking for a change and decided to complete my Master of Education degree at Queen's University in Kingston, ON. My studies focused on assessment in mathematics education. My thesis and subsequent publication is one of a few studies that has examined learning skills in mathematics.

I enjoyed my experience at Queen's University and was encouraged to apply to their PhD program. With an acceptance into the program, I continued my studies and focused my learning on theories of measurement. This led me to expand my studies with courses at the University of Toronto with Dr. Ruth Childs (Advanced Topics in Quantitative Statistics) and the University of Alberta where I studied Item Response Theory, Structural Equation Modelling, and more quantitative statistics. My dissertation examined issues with computer-based assessment in professional schools. 

After completing my PhD, I accepted a position at the University of Prince Edward Island. I am now an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education.